Travel Weary

Kyle, Alison, Thad and I decided to make a stop in Costa Rica after our Tulane Buenos Aires week.
Then Thadded us.
So… Just me, Alison and Kyle.
I am flying on a buddy pass with Uncle Brian… So my connection went through Atlanta. After a week in BA and many hours on an airplane I am feeling pretty tired.

Like this sign; blurry, faded and worn out

I nearly cut the trip short but the prospect of sittting at the Arenal Hotsprings and Brians encouragment got me on the flight to San Jose.


On the flight I read a great quote in my favorite magazine, “Outside”. Something like… “Question what you are capable of and trade in your fears seeking an answer.” I am not able to adventure like I used to but this seemed appropriate.

It’s a 3 hour shuttlevan from the San Jose airport to Tabacon Hotel near Arenal. I lucked out and ran into a couple who already had a van reserved. They were were willing to let me pitch in for the ride. Our driver taught us all about the Costa Rican economy and history of government. Tourism, coffee, democracy, education. He also showed us a few toucans, a sloth and a few monkeys along the way.


Allegedly, all of Costa Ricas power comes from renewable sources: Hydro 70%, Wind 15%, Geo Thermal 12%, and Solar 3%. Not much solar this time of year, as the rain season begins.
I also caught a nap in the
“way back” seat of the van.


After a lunch in San Ramon, we made it to Tabacon this afternoon.


After meeting up with Kyle, Alison and Alison’s “roomate”, Neil, I felt like I made the right decision to come to Costa Rica.
Thanks Brian.

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