Leaving Buenos Aires

We had most of Saturday free to relax a our bus didn’t leave to the airport until 5:15. I slept in and then spent most the day in the Recoleta neighborhood.

After a breakfast, Dale, Thad, Nice Mike and I wandered through the local Saturday market near the Church and the Cemetary.


I have really started to love visiting churches on my travels.
This church was built in the early 1700s.


I probably should have the name. Not my strong suit.


The God/man:


There was a museum with a bunch of relics. My favorite was a Skull with Music. Very cool in that it represents the beauty and the burden of life side by side.

A celebration really.


So Nice Mike, Thad and I found an Artist (Vasyl) that we all really liked. His art and his person. This guy should not have been in a local market he should have a gallery.
We all got a piece from him. Well I got a piece from his wife… She does watercolors.


One last trip on the bus:


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