Cordova: Child’s Glacier CG to Salmon Bake and Hartney Bay Road – mile 5

We woke up at Child’s Glacier Campground and headed back to the glacier to eat breakfast and watch some more thunderous calving. The facade was a lot different than when we left it last night. Lots of action overnight.


It was hard to peel ourselves away, but we did and headed back to the small town of Cordova. We saw a bear on the way. Brendan said it looked like a teenage boy in a bear suit.


We heard about a ‘Salmon Fest’ this weekend and went to Orca Lodge for a Salmon filleting contest followed by a Salmon Cook Off. It was terrific. Most towns have a good side that, if you’re lucky enough to see it help you really love that town. This was Cordova’s good side. Live music from local musicians;


silent auctions to benefit the local salmon education; great food


…and cool people.


We found a decent place to sleep over looking the bay. The spot was just past the bridge that crosses Hartney Bay. About mile 5 of the Hartney Bay Road.


One response

  1. that’s a GREAT picture…all smiles are in unison…Hope you all are having a wonderful time…THEY FLY

    August 3, 2011 at 3:51 am

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