Cordova: Copper River Hwy – mile 14 to Childs Glacier CG

We sat at Childs Glacier for a day and a half.


The glacier is at the end of the Copper River Highway, 50 miles from Cordova. Literally, the end of the road.


We think this road originally connected to McCarthy Alaska but now ends just after the ‘famous’ Million Dollar Bridge.


We have seen several glaciers on this trip and thus far, we have commented on how none of us ever really been able to appreciate a glacier.

Child’s glacier was different. It’s 400 yards across a river and spends about a mile of Riverbank.


It’s 300 feet tall and drops icebergs the size of two story houses into the river 20 to 50 times per day.
This ‘calving’ sounds like bombs being dropped and echoes throughout the Canyon.

It can be dangerous:


It was sunny and warm to which usually helps most things!
I think we could’ve sat here for a week. We were lucky enough to catch a HUGE calving moment where literally tons of ice off the central face of the glacier rumbled into the river.

That was approximately five 30 story
buildings falling into the river!!

The campground here is spectacular. It costs $25 but is totally worth it. All night we could hear the thunderous glacier dropping icebergs into the river. Very much a National Geographic moment.


3 Comments on “Cordova: Copper River Hwy – mile 14 to Childs Glacier CG

  1. hey hey hey
    i am inspired by your travels and think i may start a blog about my work travel to awesome places like hermitage, TN and west point, MS. i will try my best to take interesting pictures — i bet i can find people more interesting in mississippi than those russian ladies!!! and speaking of those russian ladies, i would have been afraid of sneaking those pics… they look like they could cause more damage than the grizzly.

    sure do miss you guys.
    xoxoxoxoxo sending lots of love -ivy

  2. I am sure the video does not do it justice but I have watched it no less then 10 times and am in awe every time. Could not imagine how it must be to see it in person. I love the blog it is part of my daily routine when I get to work and I get SOOO stoked when my google reader says there is a new post. Keep em coming and I’ll keep reading/stalking.

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