Spokane and Pullman

Back at Mike and Jackie’s in Spokane.


We relaxed for a couple of days and watched an entire season of “Game of Thrones” in the basement. Highly recommend it.

We visited a piece of property that Mike was interested in buying. Pretty, raw land and quite a walk for Steve-o’s legs.
We ended with a some tears, a prayer and a group hug.



We also took a day trip to Pullman and visited Gail.
We watched the 1994 Apple Cup on a VHS tape when WSU beat UW. Its a huge rivalry for Washingtoners. Steve was a sophomore and had a good game and had a huge hit on a big guy named Cam Cleland that knocked them both out.
Gail showed us an old box of Steve’s stuff. This was my favorite picture/article of when Steve was a bit more of a meathead. I learn more and more that he was kind of a “big deal” here at WSU.


We had lunch at one of Steve’s favorite college pizza places called Sellas. Really good salad with ranch dressing.


Then drove to Lewiston to pick up the Halibut caught in Alaska from Brendan.
This shot is from a pullout overlooking Lewiston.


We also got to have lunch with Grady at one of my favorite Spokane spots, Bruchees.


3 Comments on “Spokane and Pullman

  1. I am sooooo hungry now. SELLAS is my FAVE!!! Their breadsticks are amazing!

  2. I still have that article on Steve, Universal Soldier, somewhere….in a box….or a file….labeled “Family”….that’s not unpacked yet…..but I saw it when I was packing.

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