We watched the Foo Fighters documentary at Ryan and Monique Thielman’s house (excellent show)
Ryan recommended a lodge in Sandpoint, Idaho. Called…
The Lodge in Sandpoint

We took his advice and made reservations and it was Awesome.


View from the Room


We had dinner with Ryan and Mo at the lodge restaurant -’41south’ which was only about 14 steps away from our room – very convenient for Steve and me.



Food was great – best thing was “Avocado frites”.



Our room had a light-switch fireplace and colored heat was very, very enjoyable.

Sunset from the room…


Anyway, the next day we drove into Sandpoint, a place that Steve really loves. We had a delicious hash brown breakfasts at “Connies” and visited a farmers market.


What a great northwest town.


We bought some beautiful sunflowers.


And brought them to the Thielman Family house on Pend Orielle River.

We went for a ride in Ryan’s boat – which I understand is kind of like the “IronHorse” of the water. And took a couple dips in the river.


Back at the cabin, we ate delicious guacamole and bbq chicken sandwiches on the beautiful lawn overlooking the beautiful river. We did lots of video recording – mostly about Steve and football at Washington State. The Thielmans are big time Cougar Fans. A great moment.

The Thoelmans are a great, loving Spokane family who really love Steve-O.
I know it was difficult for them to see him in this condition. They talked about what a great boy he is and what an inspiration he’s always been, which seems like the general consensus of everyone who knows him.


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