Month: July 2011

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July 20, 2011 Just got to Denali. We saw “the mountain” on the way up.

Moose Creek to Anchorage, AK

July 19, 2011 The “vandaid” was a success! Protected us from mosquitos and rain. Oh and Steve didn’t mention this yesterday, but there were no toilets at the last campsite and I had to #2. Lets just say, I’m officially an outdoors (wo)man. We… Continue Reading “Moose Creek to Anchorage, AK”

Alaskan border to Moose Creek Rec Area, AK

July 17, 2011 It always feels like its the same time of day here… Weird. We got on the road and then stopped for Breaky. We are planning to get close to Anchorage tonight. I have a flight to LA tomorrow. More sad forest… Continue Reading “Alaskan border to Moose Creek Rec Area, AK”

Whitehorse, YT to Alaska Border

July 16 2011 We woke up in a nice, huge king size bed. Scrubbed ourselves clean in a hot shower (the drain is located on the opposite side of the showerhead), and head out to face the day feeling refreshed. First stop: Baked Cafe,… Continue Reading “Whitehorse, YT to Alaska Border”

Happy Birthday Frank!

It’s still the 17th in Alaska! And it’s light out.

Cottonwood River, BC to Whitehorse, YT

Friday, July 15 Well. The “beautiful”, “listening to the river”, Cottonwood River experience turned out to be a total disaster. We were infiltrated by Mosquitos in the Ironhorse. Steve and I battled with them for a couple of hours as it seemed like they… Continue Reading “Cottonwood River, BC to Whitehorse, YT”

Stewart/Cassier Hwy: Boulder Creek Rest Stop to Cottonwood River

Thursday, July 14 So rest stops are awesome in Canada. They’re plentiful, they’re free, lots of them have pretty nice scenery, and there are pit toilets, even though we normally don’t use them bc they smell like crap. And, unlike in Australia and New… Continue Reading “Stewart/Cassier Hwy: Boulder Creek Rest Stop to Cottonwood River”

Water Fowl Lake to Boulder Creek rest area, BC

Wednesday, July 13 Today we were hung over from our overdose of natural beauty from yesterday’s trip through Banff. We saw dozens of vistas that would have been impressive had we not seen what we saw yesterday. Still beautiful though… Last night the mosquitos… Continue Reading “Water Fowl Lake to Boulder Creek rest area, BC”

Fort Steele, BC to Water Fowl Lake Campground, BC

Tuesday, July 12 Today was like mainlining nature. “Can I shotgun mother nature please?…” The Banff National Park region. AWESOME. We followed the Kootenai River to Kootenai National Park. From there the scenery became overwhelming starting with the entrance to the park. Elevation and… Continue Reading “Fort Steele, BC to Water Fowl Lake Campground, BC”