Month: August 2011

Juneau, AK to Prince Rupert, BC

August 12 2011: Happy Birthday Brendan!! We boarded the Matanuska around 12:30am. While checking in, Timothy, “The Purser”, noticed a mistake with our reservation and up graded us from a 2-berth room without a view to a 3-berth room with a view. And it’s… Continue Reading “Juneau, AK to Prince Rupert, BC”


August 10, 2011: Juneau Note:This morning we decided to adjust our Route on ferry. Initially, we intended to go to Sitka for a couple days. Instead we are going to Prince Rupert a bit earlier than planned. We want to go to Stewart, BC… Continue Reading “Juneau”

Happy Birthday Outlaw!

Anchorage, AK to Juneau, AK (Mendenhall Glacier CG)

August 8-10 2011 We are officially on ‘the descent’ back to the lower 48 and eventually NOLA. Technically, we are not ‘on the road’. They do call it a highway though. The Alaska Marine Highway. It’s a day and a half journey from Anchorage… Continue Reading “Anchorage, AK to Juneau, AK (Mendenhall Glacier CG)”

To Anchorage and Back to Again

August 7 2011 Anchorage, AK/ San Francisco, CA I flew to San Francisco and back in approximately 30 hours. I am an early enrollee for a clinical trial and I am required to check in every 2 months for ‘monitoring’. I’ll leave the details… Continue Reading “To Anchorage and Back to Again”

Kenai River Drift: Jim’s Landing to Hope, AK

August 6 2011 We spent the day drifting down the Kenai River fishing for salmon with our guide Jason and his guide outfit “Angle 45”. Kyle lined up the trip for the Kenai drift. As I said in an earlier post, thank goodness we… Continue Reading “Kenai River Drift: Jim’s Landing to Hope, AK”

Like Pilate JD has a dog…

Katmai Bear Trip: Homer Spit to Jim’s Landing

August 5, 2011 Kyle and Brendan dropped Steve and I off at the Bald Mountain Tours air strip to go on a bear viewing trip. Here, we put on waders and boots and got on another 10 passenger plane similar to the one in… Continue Reading “Katmai Bear Trip: Homer Spit to Jim’s Landing”

Homer Spit: Day of Rest, Land’s End Hotel

August 4, 2011 After a BIG day of fishing yesterday, the boys needed a day of rest. I didn’t do squat yesterday, but I, along with my oversized stomach, was completely in for a day of rest too. We woke up listening to the… Continue Reading “Homer Spit: Day of Rest, Land’s End Hotel”

Ryland and Easton bring the Bear talk