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Logistics and mishaps from the road and off-road.

Homer Spit: Day of Rest, Land’s End Hotel

August 4, 2011 After a BIG day of fishing yesterday, the boys needed a day of rest. I didn’t do squat yesterday, but I, along with my oversized stomach, was completely in for a day of rest too. We woke up listening to the… Continue Reading “Homer Spit: Day of Rest, Land’s End Hotel”

Quartz Creek CG to Homer Spit, AK

August 2, 2011 On our way to Homer, Alaska today. It’s at the bottom of the Peninsula. We stopped at a Russian Church on the way, because I’m interested in the Russians. Homer, Alaska! We drove down to Homer Spit, a 5 mile stretch… Continue Reading “Quartz Creek CG to Homer Spit, AK”

Anchorage, AK to Quartz Creek Campground (kenai peninsula)

August 1, 2011 Kyle’s here! Picked him up from the airport: and went to the “Best Pizza Restaurant” in Anchorage called “The Moose’s Tooth”. We went at 2pm on a Monday and it was still a 1/2 hour wait. That’s pretty impressive even for… Continue Reading “Anchorage, AK to Quartz Creek Campground (kenai peninsula)”

Cordova, AK to Anchorage, AK

July 31, 2011 Pretty non-exciting day but we’ll wrap it up in a hurry, just for journal purposes. We got up early and got on the ferry. We had to dodge lots of icebergs so there was a little more turbulence than last time.… Continue Reading “Cordova, AK to Anchorage, AK”

Ptarmigan Creek CG to Copper River Hwy: Mile 14

July 26, 2011 From Ptarmigan Creek Campground the Whittier Ferry terminal we backtracked along the Seward highway and then had to go through the famous Whittier Tunnel. Whiitier is a weird place and it starts with this tunnel. The tunnel Is literally a single… Continue Reading “Ptarmigan Creek CG to Copper River Hwy: Mile 14”

Denali National Park to Ptarmigan Creek Campground

July 25, 2011 We woke up for the last time in Denali Ntl Park today at the Savage River Campground. Head to the WAC to drop off Brendans bear box and then head to the Riley Creek Mercantile to take nice $4 hot showers.… Continue Reading “Denali National Park to Ptarmigan Creek Campground”

Denali Summit Flight

July 22, 2011 OK. We are nature drunk again… Today Jackie, Mike, Steve, and I drove a couple hours away to a town called Talkeetna to take a scenic flight tour of Mt McKinley. We moved the flight to today because the weather forecast… Continue Reading “Denali Summit Flight”


July 20, 2011 Just got to Denali. We saw “the mountain” on the way up.

Moose Creek to Anchorage, AK

July 19, 2011 The “vandaid” was a success! Protected us from mosquitos and rain. Oh and Steve didn’t mention this yesterday, but there were no toilets at the last campsite and I had to #2. Lets just say, I’m officially an outdoors (wo)man. We… Continue Reading “Moose Creek to Anchorage, AK”

Alaskan border to Moose Creek Rec Area, AK

July 17, 2011 It always feels like its the same time of day here… Weird. We got on the road and then stopped for Breaky. We are planning to get close to Anchorage tonight. I have a flight to LA tomorrow. More sad forest… Continue Reading “Alaskan border to Moose Creek Rec Area, AK”