Month: June 2011


That’ll get you up and going!!! He he he…

West by Northwest

We left the family and friends in NOLA yesterday. It’s always tough leaving Mamma Jill and Mr. V We got into San Francisco last night and took the Airporter to Marin. I had a doctors appointment today. Just your average everyday experimental clinical trial… Continue Reading “West by Northwest”

Heading North

This is a final post from my trip South to Latin America. Michel and I are actually on our way to Spokane right now. From NOLA, we made a pit stop in San Francisco to meet with Dr. Miller. From last week: I am… Continue Reading “Heading North”

Pura Vida

I didn’t take many pictures of the Tabacon Resort. It doesnt seem like the place for pictures. It’s stuck right in the middle of the Arenal Volcano region and covered with tropical foliage. The hot springs form a river that wanders by the resort.… Continue Reading “Pura Vida”

Travel Weary

Kyle, Alison, Thad and I decided to make a stop in Costa Rica after our Tulane Buenos Aires week. Then Thadded us. So… Just me, Alison and Kyle. I am flying on a buddy pass with Uncle Brian… So my connection went through Atlanta.… Continue Reading “Travel Weary”

Bean & Rice

So most of our posts have been simply about “where we are”. Michel and I have deliberately kept these posts pretty simple just letting people know our location. Today I am in Costa Rica but heading home to Michel tomorrow. This post is about… Continue Reading “Bean & Rice”

Leaving Buenos Aires

We had most of Saturday free to relax a our bus didn’t leave to the airport until 5:15. I slept in and then spent most the day in the Recoleta neighborhood. After a breakfast, Dale, Thad, Nice Mike and I wandered through the local… Continue Reading “Leaving Buenos Aires”

Puerto Madero

The crew spent the Buquebus ferry ride playing the ‘name game’. I gave everyone three baby names. Two fake and one real. They chose their favorite, their least favorite and the name they thought we actually were considering. I tried to categorize them somehow… Continue Reading “Puerto Madero”

Escuela ha Terminado

Just finished my last class at Tulane. We have a day and a half to ourselves before we leave on Saturday evening. Its been a long windy staircase to navigate and we have a great set of classmates helping eachother along the way. Alison… Continue Reading “Escuela ha Terminado”

Viva Uruguay

Having a free day, I was intent on visiting Uruguay. Michel has a family friend who said I could not miss Colonia del Sacramento if visiting Buenos Aires. Only an hour ferry ride across the river delta. I think the rivers name is Rio… Continue Reading “Viva Uruguay”